What Can Nelsonville Residential Addiction Treatment Centers Do For Me?

What to Expect as an Inpatient at Nelsonville Residential Addiction Treatment Centers

After struggling with any addiction for quite some time, deciding to make a lifestyle change can be intimidating. Not knowing where to turn for the correct help scares many addicts into continuing their current lifestyle. However, Nelsonville Residential Addiction Treatment Centers has the services you need to turn your life around and prepare you for a clean life full of opportunity.

Addiction inpatient treatment centers welcome those who are ready to fight the addiction that has been limiting their potential. The options for treatment may overwhelm you if you do not know exactly what to expect or look for. You have already made brave decision to get clean; now, all you have to do is find the help that is right for you.

When Abuse Becomes Addiction

Overusing opioid substances does not mean you are necessarily addicted. If you notice symptoms of withdrawal once you stop taking opiates, you might be addicted. If you find that your daily life and other responsibilities are being neglected to fulfill your desire for drugs, you have probably developed an addiction, and it is necessary to seek professional help.

Why Is It Important To Seek Professional Help?

Support is vital when it comes to recovery, and Nelsonville Residential Treatment Centers is here to offer programs that will introduce you to support groups and safely give you your life back. Nelsonville opiate treatment encourages addicts to enter the residential program to carefully rid their bodies of toxic substances. Opiates are addictive substances that attach to the brain's pain receptors. Once the body becomes dependent on opiates, it is extremely dangerous to try and stop using them abruptly. Doing so causes the brain to work overtime to regain balance, and this could result in severe physical side effects. Medical professionals recommend tapering doses to avoid potential bodily harm.

Addiction inpatient treatment centers give addicts a safe haven for the detoxification process. Drug counselors and medical professionals are able to monitor progress around-the-clock, since the detox period is known to bring along intense physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms. In severe cases, medications may be prescribed to make the detox process more tolerable and comfortable for the patient.

Because addiction occurs with many individuals who suffer from other underlying mental health issues, counselors at Nelsonville Residential Addiction Treatment Centers evaluate each patient upon admission and create the most effective plan of care.

Types of Therapy

Different therapy options are available to patients, depending on the specific condition, to prevent relapse and ensure success. Group therapy sessions involving cognitive behavioral therapy are offered to patients to deepen the understanding of the thought process behind their addictive behavior.

Nelsonville opiate treatment also offers the 12-step program, which focuses on the spiritual aspects of treatment and promotes forgiveness, understanding, and compassion while gradually completing various steps. This is a more traditional therapeutic approach.

Psychological evaluation and intense therapy sessions bring understanding and self-reflection about addiction to patients. Addictive behavior can often be the result of post-traumatic stress, childhood stress, and other situations that fuel the desire to escape reality. Confronting these issues alongside a drug treatment specialist brings understanding and self-awareness to patients, which increases the chances for a successful recovery. Patients can also learn strategies to avoid triggers and giving into stressful situations when admitted to addiction inpatient treatment centers.

Recovery is an involved process that requires the courage to change your lifestyle. Allow Nelsonville Residential Addiction Treatment Centers to help you overcome addiction and get your life back on track. For more information on our inpatient treatment options and opiate withdrawal process, contact a drug addiction specialist at (740) 619-3031 today.







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