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At our center for drug detox in Nelsonville, we frequently encounter patients who see detoxification in simplistic terms, and we speak to them about why it's dangerous to try certain experiments.

Among those who possess little scientific understanding of addiction and those who are fearless when experimenting with their bodies, the idea of addressing an addiction right at home often seems perfectly achievable. They tend to see the task as a simple one — they only need to steel themselves against the hurricane of painful withdrawal symptoms that they will come up against, throw in a few medications that they've learned about from shady sources on the drug user forums, and they'll be as good as new.

Detoxification, the process by which the brain is eased off drugs, is fraught with health risks. Certainly, some people do manage to detox on their own, just as there are people who are able to use drugs without apparent injury to their health. They are the exception. For most people, attempting DIY detox can be playing with fire. Permanent ill effects, even death, can result.

What follows is a quick explanation of what drug detox really is, and guidance on why you need addiction professionals attending on you. If you have questions, do call us at our center for drug detox in Nelsonville.

Why Detoxification is Dangerous

Addictive substances act on the brain's reward center, forcing feelings of pleasure. With such repeated interference with the reward center, however, parts of the brain responsible for its function tend to find it harder and harder to go on. At some point, the brain cedes control to the drugs in the system. Such dependence is one part of what makes addiction hard to escape. Come the time that the addict wishes to quit, dependence makes it all but impossible.

When a brain dependent on the presence of drugs is denied, it does attempt to detoxify, or clean itself up. It attempts to regain normalcy. The attempt to establish control over the reward center, however, rarely goes smoothly. Neurotransmitter levels in the brain tend to rage out of control, a condition that results in a variety of dangerous symptoms for drug or alcohol withdrawal in Nelsonville. Depending on the drug and the length of the addiction, these symptoms can be as serious as seizures and cardiac arrest.

The purpose of going through detoxification at drug and alcohol detox centers at professional rehabs is to ensure the presence of medical supervision for a safe experience.

What Does Medical Detox Achieve?

Safe detoxification always requires medical supervision, whether the process involves a gradual withdrawal from drugs or an abrupt one. When an addict begins to accept treatment at a drug detox center, they do so under the watchful eye of addiction specialists armed with a wide variety of medications to administer at a moment's notice. When dangerous or distressing withdrawal symptoms arise, they do intervene.

Seizures, insomnia, agitation and anxiety are all treated with either benzodiazepines or non-addictive sleep-inducing medication. Pain is countered with non-opioid painkillers, and cravings are met with special drugs such as methadone formulations that both suppress cravings and render drug use useless.

With careful intervention, detoxification specialists ensure that patients emerge from the process safe, pain-free and with a brain in a condition to accept sobriety in the future. When it comes to long-term sobriety, those who accept medically supervised detoxification do far better than DIY enthusiasts.

Choose Inpatient or Outpatient Detox

Our rehab centers offer drug detox programs for both outpatient and inpatient rehab in Nelsonville. As might be expected, the outpatient treatment approach is the more affordable one, because it offers less medical supervision and less support to patients. Many studies find in favor of the cheaper alternative, too, claiming to see no loss of effectiveness. The studies, however, neglect to offer a well-rounded view of the matter.

Outpatient drug detox treatment is intended to help with certain kinds of patients — those with light, short-term addictions, impeccable mental health, considerable motivation and family support. Unfortunately, most patients do not meet these standards. For the average person experiencing addiction, it is the close, supportive care and medical supervision of inpatient detoxification that truly offers a chance at long-term sobriety.

Our drug detox in Nelsonville offers the most advanced evidence-based inpatient treatment in the industry. If you are interested in finding out more about how science-based detoxification can help you achieve freedom from addiction, you're welcome to call us at (740) 619-3031.

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