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As experts in drug intervention in Nelsonville with years of experience helping families reach out to loved ones suffering from addiction, we, at our drug rehab in Nelsonville have a great deal of understanding of the challenges involved. If you are someone in a position where you need to speak to an addicted person about seeing reason, you do have your task cut out for you. Drugs and alcohol make the mind of the addict truly unreasonable when it comes to awareness of the harm inflicted by their habit. Being in charge of a conversation on whose outcome their entire life may depend can be a heavy burden to carry, indeed.

If the prospect seems overwhelming, it is for the simple reason that you aren't well-prepared; there's so much that you don't know about the mind of the addict. It's important to see, however, that it isn't necessary to go in with so little preparation.

A well-planned intervention, instead, is the most reasonable way ahead. When correctly planned and executed, interventions succeed almost all the time. All you need to do is to understand how.

Why Is Intervention Necessary?

An intervention is a gathering of family and friends who attempt to reason with an addict. The fact that loved ones would come together out of concern is capable of lending their arguments the persuasive punch needed. Love and concern alone are rarely enough, however. It takes a great deal of preparation and planning, guided by someone intimately familiar with the way addictions and interventions work. In most cases, a professional interventionist is that person.

Can a DIY Intervention Go Wrong?

Interventions proceed toward a very specific goal — persuading the addicted person to accept help at out center for addiction treatment in Nelsonville. As clear and simple as the goal may be, a great deal can go wrong on the way there.

Someone may come in with the wrong attitude: It's easy and natural to believe that being addicted is the fault of the addict. If they would only try harder, the thinking goes, they could have saved themselves. In truth, however, addiction is a mental disorder. Use of an accusatory tone can quickly disrupt a drug intervention and send the addict running.

You don't have the right answers: Addicts are masters of manipulation. When challenged on their behavior, they may wonder why they should be singled out for treatment when everyone else has been through episodes of irresponsible behavior, too. They may wonder why they shouldn't get to spend their life as they choose when it's their money. They may even point to how various famous people have benefited from drugs.

It takes an expert in addiction and the thought processes involved to not be sidetracked by these arguments. A regular person with no training would stand little chance.

Inviting an Interventionist

An expert interventionist is an addiction expert with specialized training in the psychology of negotiations conducted with addicts. Having an expert train participants in the intervention, rehearse them and guide them through the actual process on the day can be one of the best ways to ensure success.

At our department for drug intervention in Nelsonville, experts help families planning an intervention learn about how addiction works, they prepare them to go in with a professional attitude, and help them rehearse. When properly deployed, a drug intervention for addiction becomes a tremendous way forward.

While it is always advisable to head into difficult negotiations guided by an expert, people do try to handle their own challenges, sometimes, and do come out successful. It's possible with interventions, as well, as long as you are willing to put in the work — learn, gain experience through watching drug intervention programs, and speak with others who have been through the experience themselves.

Learn More about Our Program for Drug Intervention in Nelsonville

Many families mistakenly go with the notion that interventions work best when an addict has hit rock-bottom. The truth is, it's when an intervention is least likely to work.

There is no one right time to intervene; addictions do get worse with time, however. The later an intervention is held, the more challenging it becomes. Whichever way you decide to go with a drug intervention, it's important to act today.

Our center for drug intervention in Nelsonville is home to some of the best intervention specialists anywhere. Whether you plan to handle your intervention yourself or not, you should come in and speak to an expert. It's one of the best ways to succeed. All you need to do is to call us (740) 619-3031.

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